Pediatric Prehospital Safety Event Detection System (PEDS)

The PEDS chart review tool is designed to capture adverse safety events in the prehospital care of children. It was created by the Children’s Safety Initiative – EMS research team based on hospital chart review methods, adapted for prehospital use based on literature review and expert consensus, and refined and streamlined during extensive tool testing.

The act of responding to a call and providing care may have resulted in a safety event. Professionals talk about these events in different ways and use different terms to describe them, and the accompanying reference manual provides guidance to reviewers.

The PEDS instrument is available for use. Please take a moment to fill out the following information, before downloading the short form. This information is confidential and for internal use only Information will not be distributed to any third-party vendors.

If used, please cite:
Pediatric Prehospital Safety Event Detection System (PEDS) chart review tool, version 1.2. STORC website. April 2017. Accessed __[insert date]__.